UPDATE March 14, 2017 – Merchant’s Refrigerator Company Rehabilitation – Public Storage

Really cool drone video clip of the Powerhouse Arts District:  https://youtu.be/_rH-R9YjBHk

PUBLIC STORAGE has celebrated the completion of its newest and largest storage facility in the country.

Public Storage at 133 2nd St., in Jersey City, N.J., opened its remaining units and now offers a total of 3,978 units, the most under one roof at any of the company’s facilities.

Located in the Powerhouse Arts District neighborhood, the new business received the support of the community. To celebrate the project’s completion, Public Storage will host a grand opening Saturday, March 25, offering celebratory cake and a chance for neighbors to meet.



UPDATE July 8, 2015 – Merchant Refrigerator Co. warehouse is currently under renovation. When complete, the entire building will be occupied by personal storage spaces for rent, run by the new owners, Public Storage. Jersey City Historic Preservation Commission is overseeing the rehabilitation and planning board approved variances for the use. It would not be converted to residential units; it would continue being a storage space warehouse, but will no longer be a document storage warehouse as it once was when CitySide Archive occupied the entire building.

CitySide Archive PUBLIC STORAGE option 1_sm

Because it would not being converted to residential units, there would be no artists studios or art galleries. However, there is a plan in the works to create art displays in the former loading bays. Most of the loading bays will be pre-fabricated windows or converted to doorways. Ideally two to three loading bays per side of the building will have art curated for displays or possibly a mural. ALL this was approved through the city vetting process. HOWEVER – – The J.C. Planning Department has been sued by two other Jersey City self storage space businesses (Keepers and Liberty) stating that is illegal for Public Storage to be a storage space operator in our neighborhood – it is to house an arts-related gallery and work/live lofts as written into PAD Redevelopment Plan. There has always been vague wording – always interpreted by each developer. Keepers and Liberty Self-Storage feel that the variances Planning and Zoning approved are illegal and then later approved by city council – And they won; city planning department lost.

At the moment the Public Storage rehab is in limbo until this issue is addressed according to the redevelopment plan – or an amendment is written, proposed and approved. While we are all interested in seeing this building rehabilitated – the process must be correct. Over the next couple months this will move its way through the halls of the local government. Stay tuned!

Public Storage is interested in the community’s opinion about this – is it okay for it to NOT be converted to residential units, including an art gallery and more, but stay a storage/warehouse as it has always been since it was built? There will be an arts presence in the openings that surround the ground level. 



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