First Street Streetscape (Marin Blvd > Provost Street)

ALL Ordinances were approved – should take affect in the next month or so. The city will be striping the pavement to show parallel spaces and parking prohibited areas along the south side of First Street.

Ordinances (17-075, 76, 77, 78, 79, 85) have been drafted & reviewed by City Council. The First Reading vote was the usual (9-0) last week (6/14) and this Wednesday the Second Reading (6/28) will happen – and this is when the public can come out and support, question or voice their opinions. You don’t have to speak, but can show up in a group to show your support or objections.

Complete Ordinance wording – Ordinances_17-75_76_77_79_85

Basically these ordinances entail:

Ord. 17-075 “Electric Vehicle Zone”: this creates a new type of parking zone reserved only for vehicles that are plugged in and charging.

Ord. 17-076: “Angle Parking North Side of First”: authorizes angle parking on the north side of first street (currently illegal)

Ord. 17-077: “No Parking Opposite Loading Zone”: prohibits parking in the angle parking spaces across from the loading dock so when trucks back in cars can still safely drive around them

Ord. 17-078: “Establish Loading Dock”: authorizes no parking in front of the loading dock on first street

Ord. 17-079: “Zone 4 Revisions”: Clarifies changes where Zone 4 Permit Parking exists, specifically on First Street where EV charging stations are installed.

Ord. 17-085: “Franchise Amendment” Reduce term from 99 years to 20 years or less. Revert up to 12 parking spaces back to general public. Location of those spaces was shifted to better accommodate the location of a specialized type of charger that has already been installed (DC Supercharge). Eight angle parking spaces will be will be included in the Zone 4 Permit Parking Program and also open to the electric vehicle charging vehicles.  The next 8 angle parking spaces will be exclusively for electric charging vehicles, as this is where the DC Supercharge is located.  Last 4 spaces near Provost Street will be Zone 4 Permit Parking Program and also open to the electric vehicle charging vehicles (No Parking 8a-5p M-F, Ord. 17-077). It will allow the city to ticket and tow from these spaces as well.

EV_Angle Parking_parallel_06_20170629

Over 80% of those surveyed on facebook and Nextdoor were OK to return a portion back to Zone 4 Permit & Public parking until demand changes.

Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 11.56.53 AM
Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 12.01.00 PM
I think we all want the Electric Vehicle (EV) concept to succeed (launched June 2014), but at this time the spaces are still unused after 3 years and many times a nuisance (illegal parking from those outside the neighborhood, especially late night drinking) – action needed to be taken.
1 – To point out that all 20 spaces are NOT being used. Over a year went by after EV “Zipcar” moved out, leaving 6 more spaces empty. Developer’s Greenspot started to advertise “Maven” EV car-sharing late last fall, launching with only two cars, currently up to three cars.
2 – To get the city to understand that research and planning should have happened to make it succeed. These proposed ordinances are clarifying the rules and to return some of the parking back to public parking, but exclusive EV spaces can be re-activated as the proven need arises.
Personally, I also would encourage Greenspot to move/spread these electric charging stations to other neighborhoods to give others the opportunity close tho them use public EV charging and give “EV in JC” a chance.
If someone wants to speak about something else in general, they may call the clerk to be added to the public speakers list, which grants them the 5 minute window to talk about anything and everything in front of the city council.  To sign up for Public Speaking: Call the City Clerk’s Office, no later than 5:00PM on the day of the meeting. (but only between 9am and 4pm): 201-547-5150. Thank you!!
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