321 Warren Street Site Plan


UPDATE September 22, 2017 – Fields Construction has been retained by the owner of the site to perform some early which will include site clearing and test piles along with some other investigative work prior to the commencement of construction.  [They] filed with traffic to close the sidewalk and parking lane adjacent to the site on both Warren and Steuben.  The Warren closure will be an extension of the what Toll currently has in place the North. Obviously parking will be lost surrounding the site on Warren and Steuben (any parking across the street should remain intact).

Site Logostics_20170922

Fields is currently working on several projects in JC and built 154 Steuben, Ivy House, and Waldo Lofts several years ago and they can appreciate the traffic concern and pedestrian safety in this area.

Fields will also be the working on the lot currently prepping for pile driving at intersection of Steuben/Marin/Morgan. This will eventually be a 12-story hotel. Work on both sites will be pile driving first and based on the results construction will start.

October 21, 2016 – It appears Parkwood Development LLC has stepped aside and a new developer, LMC has taken over the 321 Warren Street construction. A new design but the same development rights that the Planning Board approved when it created another sub-divided area within the Powerhouse Arts District Redevelopment Plan.

They are on schedule to submit their site plan amendment application on October 21st to be heard during the November 15th planning board meeting.
In summary the application changes only the look of the building. The number of stories are unchanged at 15 residential stories over ground floor retail, parking, and residential and Arts space lobbies. The total number of residential units is unchanged at 180. Parking count is still 18. The ground floor arts lobby is expanded and the second floor is still entirely dedicated to Arts use including the 18’ clear height black box theater.
The streetscape is improved by accentuating the Arts and residential lobbies and entrances, and separating them as two distinct elements. The double height of glass at the ground and second floors will reveal the activity behind in the arts and retail spaces, which will enliven the streetscape.
The company, LMC, is very excited about this development, they’ve begun site work for environmental remediation already, and anticipate breaking ground for vertical construction during the second quarter of 2017.



161012_321-warren_concept-package-10b 161012_321-warren_concept-package-9 161012_321-warren_concept-package-8



February 4th, 2016 – The surface street parking lot has been shut down – so we can assume that the construction plans are moving forward. Get ready for another active construction site to walk around and more loss of on-street parking for another 18 months or more! Parkwood Development LLC is scheduled to be present to the planning Board at its meeting on Tuesday, November 10, 2015.    21.Nov10agn.    The development plans are consistent with the recent amendments and the plans that were presented at that time.  They are not requesting any deviations from the redevelopment plan, and therefore, there is no public notice that is required.  Parkwood Development LLC is sharing the plans and information.



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