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PADNA Community Meet July 27th 7-9p – Sharp!


Join us on Wednesday, July 27th from 7-9pm for our next Powerhouse Arts District Neighborhood Association (PADNA) meeting at Modera Lofts. All PAD residents, neighbors and friends are welcome to attend.

Here’s a brief agenda:
– Review current neighborhood updates & new business
– Development Update
– Introduction from Modera Lofts
– Introduction from Marla Priest, Director of Mana Wine at Mana Contemporary
– Membership Review
– Open floor for questions and comments

Meeting details:
What: PADNA Community Meeting
When: Wednesday, July 27th from 7-9pm
Where: Modera Lofts (entrance on Morgan Street between Warren and Washington)

We’re looking forward to seeing many of you next week!


Pedestrian Path Park Renovation – Chromium Cleanup Plan

July 27, 2016 – Large equipment has moved into the area to start remediation. Let’s hope it goes smoothly.

July 18, 2016 – Minor Change to plan – ADA ramp into 110 First building at the north west corner of park removed and two tables and chairs added. 110 First changed the commercial space and no longer wanted an entrance into their building from the park.


June 28th 2016

* The Remedial Investigation Report/ Remedial Action Work Plan submitted to the Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) on June 2, 2016, was approved by NJDEP on June 17, 2016.

* The Remediation Agreement among City of Jersey City, A Condominium Association and Honeywell is in the process of being signed.

* Permits have been obtained, including the Traffic Control Plan.

* Pre-mobilization and site preparation activities are currently scheduled from July 11 through July 22, 2016.

* We are currently scheduling our contractor to begin mobilization during the week of July 22, 2106; expected duration of construction is approximately two weeks. [Construction means remediation construction, not park construction.]

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New Parking Signs on First Street (Marin/Provost)

A couple weeks ago new signs were added to the Zone 4 Permit Parking signs along First Street between Marin Blvd and Provost Street on the south side of the block.


It is instructing people to parallel park, not at an angle as folks have done for over a decade; apparently it is illegal to park at an angle. The north side of the street has gotten a franchise from the city to have angle parking for the electric charging stations (and the electric Zip cars as well). Ten more spaces will appear as 160 First Street (The Oakman) is completed.

PDF of Letter from Traffic and Engineering:  201602091446

Traffic and Engineering has stated that the angle parking on the north side should be back-in and drive-in angle only. Shuster is supposed to repaint the lines and also repave the entire block, not just their half of the street. When this is done – the markings indicating where the parallel and angle angle parking will be painted by Shuster – all a part of the franchise agreement with the city. So far Shuster doesn’t seem to have done what traffic and engineering has asked for. MEANWHILE it will continue to be chaotic and confusing. Park at you own risk. Walk at your own risk. And always look both ways.

Draft Angle Parking Ordinance